What is the difference between Insuralead.com insurance leads and other lead companies?
We understand that it can be difficult to find a great lead provider for your professional insurance needs. Insuralead.com has created a system that allows you to build a custom list based on your unique marketing needs. And with Insuralead.com there are no minimum purchases, no commitment, and our revolutionary exclusive lead program makes it easy for your insurance business to grow successfully.


How does Insuralead.com generate the leads?
We have defined a unique process in which we combine online lead generation with telemarketing services to develop the leads on our site. We target our insurance lead generation to businesses that are looking for P&C, Benefits, and Transportation insurance. These businesses currently have policies in place and we gather the necessary information to target these businesses for their policy renewals.


How many insurance leads can Insuralead.com provide me?
Depending on your search criteria, we can provide an endless amount of insurance leads for your marketing programs. You can build a list based on insurance type, geographic area, SIC code, and SIC description. You can then filter your results further and only purchase leads for certain expiration months.


How much do your insurance leads cost?
Our pricing model is extremely simple and can be found here on our pricing page. We developed a tiered model for credits giving you the ultimate power in deciding what your cost per lead will be.

By insuralead.com