Exclusive Leads


Insuralead.com is the first in the industry to truly offer an Exclusive Lead. Our Exclusive Lead program enables you to mark the lead as exclusive that you purchase which prevents the same information from being sold on our site to other customers for six months!

From our extensive research of other lead companies, there has been one common complaint – Insurance agents are resold the same lead time and time again. We know this is not in the best interest of the consumer and definitely not in the best interests of our clients, you the insurance agent. We have developed our exclusive lead program to combat this overwhelming concern. Any insurance agent and user of our site has the option to purchase leads as either regular or exclusive. Regular leads are not exclusive and may be resold to other insurance agents. Exclusive leads can be purchased for additional credits and will remain exclusive to you for a period of six months. This will put you in the driver seat for upcoming renewal opportunities if you decide to purchase leads from insuralead.com as exclusive.

By insuralead.com