Exclusive Insurance Leads


Exclusive insurance leads from insuralead.com are a sure fire way to kick start a stagnant month of insurance sales.

The benefit to purchasing exclusive insurance leads from insuralead.com as opposed to shared insurance leads is that you are not competing directly against other insurance agents for the same prospect. Common sense of course but not to be overlooked is the effect that a number of aggressive insurance agents eager for a sale can have on an insurance prospect.

Exclusive insurance leads from insuralead.com will allow you to bypass many of the complications that are sometimes associated with shared insurance leads:

If a shared insurance lead is sold to let’s say 5 insurance agents at the same time and each agent makes it their practice to call on a prospect 5 times and email 3 times to try and win the business then guess what? That is already probably 20 to 24 calls too many for the taste of most prospects ([5 agents X 5 phone calls = 25 phone calls] – 1 desired phone call). And that is not even taking into account the annoyance that some prospects have at being immediately deluged with phone call upon phone call.

Insuralead.com is the first in the industry to truely offer an Exlusive Lead. Our Exlusive Lead program enables you to mark the lead as exlusive that you purchase which prevents the same information from being sold on our site to other customers for six months!

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By insuralead.com